About Matthijs Holter


Short bio

I’m a 41-year old man who lives in Norway. In addition to writing books, I work with agile software development. I’m married, have three kids, suck at dancing, and like to play and design role-playing games (the type where you sit around a table and talk).


Landet bak Landet, with Magnus Jakobsson, 2007. Norwegian. A young adult fantasy novel set in modern-day and ancient Bretagne. Available from Ark, among others.

The Devil’s Cub, 2013. English. A fantasy/horror novel set in Norway in the 1800s. Available from Amazon.

Selected games

Archipelago, 2009-2012. English. Available for free on Nørwegian Style.

Society of Dreamers, 2011 . English. Available on Lulu.

Draug, 2004. Norwegian. Available from the publisher Spartacus.


Twitter: matthijs1000

Google+: Matthijs Holter

E-mail: matthijs1000 at hotmail dot com


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